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URL is minimum viable product for sharing

aka…building a collaborative business intelligence product

URLs for Collaboration

Since the invention of URLs in 1992, they have acted as the quiet but ubiquitous backbone of the internet. As applications were lifted from the desktop to the browser, the URL has become a core component of nearly every piece of business software. But for most apps, the URL structure is an after-thought to the core experience, a necessary routing engine or utility to be ignored by the user (a few lovely URL examples from Salesforce, Gmail, and the first ad I could find on Google Search):

URL example from Salesforce

URL example from Gmail

URL example from Google Ad

Rather than treat our URL as an after-thought, we crafted our user experience around the URL – a user experience that creates greater depth of understanding for the user, and one that opens up both better, faster analysis and simple, logical sharing.

There’s nothing more frustrating than building an analysis or report in one context, and losing your work. For that reason we encode each portion of the query construction into the URL - fields, filters, and visualizations. Furthermore, workbooks can consist of not just one query, but many analyses in a single canvas, and we want to make sure it’s all instantly shareable and versioned for analysis.

There are many solutions we rejected:

We focused on striking a balance:

Omni URL

The result is an experience where the URL enhances the experience rather than float into the background for the user.

Portability, editing, and sharing are all embedded in the URL itself, and they’re short and readable so the user can follow along. Below we grab a couple analyses from other tabs, consolidate into a single workbook, and share our entire analysis, all entirely via the URL!

Take a look:

Omni URL

We’re going to continue this focus as we build out content and discovery in the system. Let us know if you’d like to give it a try!.