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Query in half the time.
Get models others will love.

Experience the best of BI with the only platform that delivers shared consistency with the freedom of SQL.

You shouldn’t have to choose between a governed model and a fast business intelligence tool.

Get the best of both with a more evolved analytics experience. Find and share the metrics that matter with a more reliable model your entire organization can use - and reuse.

Launches fast, and gets faster

Omni takes only minutes to set up and immediately begins to learn from every query, optimizing performance over time.

Evolves along with you

Our innovative BI auto-builds a data model as you query, creating instantly shareable metrics anyone can use.

One platform for all

Easy-to-use UX allows anyone, regardless of skill level, to access, explore, and share the data they need.


Improves with every query

Omni even applies one-off queries directly into the data model, expanding and building upon your shareable data.

The team that brought you Looker and Stitch

Who says you can't have it all? Omni closes the gap between instant gratification analytics and reliable, governed mature enterprise BI, without the heavy upfront data modeling process.

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