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DuckDB complements BI

Modern query execution powered by a data model.

We are super excited to embrace DuckDB at Omni. This powerful new analytical engine has a direct application to power performant BI.


Start-up’s Guide to Analytics

Crawl, then Walk, then Run to data driven decision making

From strategic to tactical, analytics power decisions at all levels of an organization. This Start-up's guide to analytics offers advice for various stages of a company's growth.


Analytics made faster with Apache Arrow

BI tools should be fast.

Business intelligence tools should be fast enough to keep up with your train of thought. Apache Arrow makes it faster.


URL is minimum viable product for sharing

aka…building a collaborative business intelligence product

We have crafted our URL for collaboration and a user experience that creates greater depth of understanding, and one that opens up both better, faster analysis and simple, logical sharing.


Two opposing modes of business intelligence

And why your organization needs both.

Business Intelligence has oscillated on a wave of lightweight ad-hoc analysis and centralized governed platforms. This has mirrored the advances and constraints of database technology.


Three considerations when choosing an analytics platform for product teams

One product manager’s POV

Let us look into three considerations when choosing an analytics platform for product teams; speed of analysis, analysis depth and breadth, and consistency and trust.


TechCrunch Article on Omni Series A Funding

Reporter Kyle Wiggers covers Omni funding announcement

Techcrunch reporter Kyle Wiggers writes an aritcle on the Series A funding Omni received ito build out a new business intelligence platform.


Introducing Omni, the new generation of business intelligence

Combining the consistency of a shared data model with the freedom of SQL.

Omni, business intelligence that starts with fluid data exploration, and matures to structured data model that promotes the accurate and efficient use of data.


A Database is not a Data Model

And why interaction matters

A data model is an abstraction that helps you understand and use data. It includes tables and columns in a database, and so much more. It should not be confused with a database.


The rise of dbt

One persons point of view

dbt has been the most significant improvement to the cloud data warehouse since the growth of Snowflake and BigQuery. We take a look at the rise of dbt, what makes it so powerful and the right ways to complement dbt in the data stack.


The CDN for data

Bringing web best practices from Content Delivery Networks to business intelligence

Learn how Omni is bringing web best practices from Content Delivery Networks, a cdn for data, to business intelligence. This practice of cascading caches can speed up access to data.


Self-serve and governed data models

Finding balance in your analytics environment

Humans have to make trade-offs between pragmatic and scalable. For a data team, it means: how to balance self-serve and governed data models for your analysis.


Rittman Podcast, Drill to Detail - Ep 96

Omni’s Mission to Answer the First 100 Questions

Mark Rittman is joined by Colin Zima, co-founder of Omni and ex-Head of Analytics at Looker. Omni, an analytics startup, is the fastest way to turn SQL into intelligence