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All jobs are data jobs.

Data tool proliferation has gone off-the-rails. There’s now a tool for every data need, but they all require compromises. Some are fast. Some are consistent. Some work for sophisticated analysts. Others, for business users who don’t live and breathe SQL. Organizations have to navigate tradeoffs between tools that move fast, and those that provide the consistency and control of agreed upon metrics.

At Omni, our goal is to help people do their best work with data that meets them where they are. That’s why we’ve created the only business intelligence platform that combines the consistency of a shared data model with the speed and freedom of SQL. Whether you live in SQL or spreadsheets, we’re building Omni to be the one tool anyone can use.

The team that brought you Looker and Stitch

Who says you can't have it all? Omni closes the gap between instant gratification analytics and reliable, governed mature enterprise BI, without the heavy upfront data modeling process.


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