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Omni and Snowflake

Streamline operations, build exceptional data products, and grow your business

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Omni and Snowflake help customers...

Deliver true self-service 

Anyone can get insight from Snowflake data using SQL, Excel functions, point-and-click, and AI

Eliminate data engineering bottlenecks

When new data lands in Snowflake, users can analyze metrics immediately, without data engineers modeling it first

Consolidate your data stack

Omni brings together a built-in semantic layer, fast data exploration, beautiful visualizations, and governed BI in a single platform atop Snowflake

Scale access to data (not headcount)

Support data-driven decision-making and powerful data products — with minimal administration

Speed up analytics development

Facilitate fast ad-hoc analysis, rapid iteration, and an easy path to standardization – helping your data team keep pace with the business

Build exceptional user-facing analytics

Omni makes it easy to create customized, interactive data products to meet performance SLAs – especially when supported by Snowflake’s concurrency scaling

Together, Omni and Snowflake help customers deliver scalable, intuitive analytics experiences to their organizations and customers. By letting users query, model, and iterate on data stored in Snowflake with a flexible, familiar UI and features like Calculations AI, Omni can help users answer questions at nearly the speed of thought. We expect this combination to continue freeing up time for data teams to invest their talents in innovative, monetizable product developments.

Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake

How do customers use Omni with Snowflake?

Reduced data engineering tickets by 80% and sped up exploration of unstructured data

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Increased access and strategic use of data across functions

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Sped up product development and experimentation

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Operational Analytics
Embedded Analytics
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Business intelligence

  • Explore data easily
  • Build beautiful visualizations
  • Rapidly share findings
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Embedded analytics

  • Speed up product development
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Monetize your data
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